July 2007

30 Jul

Vines and tiles

It was lovely to have some time off last week and get away to Seattle over the weekend. I was in the mood for art, so I made a point of wandering through a gallery dense area of the city – Pioneer Square – when I arrived on Friday afternoon. It was a very inspiring […]

26 Jul

Guardian and Serenity

The last two images from my manipulate landscape series, created for the Utata summer project. It feels good to stretch my creative wings.

25 Jul

Guardian I

I am very happy because my family sent me the new Harry Potter book for my birthday. Too bad I will have to wait until next week before I can start reading it. I’m sure it must be a crime somewhere to not drop everything and immediately start reading the last Harry Potter book.

24 Jul


I have just started reading the book Art Objects, a collection of essays written by Jeanette Winterson about art. I can tell already this book will stimulate my mind, and give me a fresh perspective on all things art. The first essay is about learning to see the art object before you, how it takes […]

23 Jul

Carousel horse

Do you want to know the good thing about rainy days? (Because there has to be an upside to everything.) I get so much more done at home when the weather is crappy for any length of time, because it gets me feeling nesty. I’m on an organizational kick right now because I want my […]

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