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This shot represents the end of a very good day. One that was both productive and happy.

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Today I have uploaded a new print for sale on Etsy. My shop has been sadly neglected over the last month because of my move to a new apartment, and the process of settling in. Gosh, it takes up a lot of time…

Yesterday evening I attended “The One that Got Away”, a play performed in the pool at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver. It’s a site specific performance that requires the audience to move around to three different locations as the play progresses, beginning at the spiral staircase that leads down to the pool area, and then the pools themselves. The production makes creative use of the site, and the location definitely adds to the sometimes amusing, sometimes sad story of the play. Water is as significant an entity to the action as the characters themselves. The story centers around Hannah, her grandfather, and the five wives he never loved. It’s a discovery of a family history, and a side of her grandfather Hannah never knew, and how these past events closed both of their hearts from love.

There is so much about this play I found touching and powerful. It was a surprisingly emotional theatre going experience for me last night.

The play has a very short run in Vancouver, with the last performance on Saturday June 2nd. Tickets are $28 / $24 students and seniors, and can be purchased by calling the JCC at 604.257.5111.

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Yesterday morning I wandered into the printer/photocopier room at work, only to be startled by two pigeons flying out the window. Someone had left it open over the weekend, and as these birds have a tendency to do around our building, they took it as an invitation to come on in. It was quite a surprise. What really had me laughing, was turning around after closing the window and finding a pile of twigs and feathers in the corner by the photocopier. I’d mistakenly assumed they’d only just come in, when really they’d been moving in all weekend.

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