March 23rd, 2007

A bit of colour to brighten the day

I have chosen the above sunflower photo as my avatar to summon up a bit of sunny weather. Here’s hoping it works.

Last Saturday I went for the loveliest walk in the rain. The air was fresh with the perfumed scent of spring, the temperature was warm, the plants and moss glowed a vibrant green, and everywhere the trees were blossoming. A week later it’s still raining, and my walks outside seem less lovely and more…soggy. We are at the point of springtime when every Vancouverites thoughts turn to ark-building.

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2 Responses to “Sun summoning sunflower”

Simone Says:

it worked!!! I’m looking out the window at the blue right now!

Rachael Says:

I’ve decided I need to stockpile as many blue sky photos as I can so I can upload them to flickr when it’s been raining too much.