February 2007

26 Feb

The NV wrap up

The above photo was taken in Gastown, Vancouver, with a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim toy camera. I’m really glad Zak invited me to work with Foo Associates at Northern Voice this past weekend. I don’t think I would’ve attended otherwise because my experience last year didn’t leave me “wanting more”. I would’ve missed out […]

24 Feb

People and their things

This weekend I’m attending Vancouver’s blogging conference, Northern Voice, and photographing the event on behalf of Foo Associates. One of the projects I decided to work on during yesterday’s Moosecamp, was taking portraits of the attendees, photographing their equipment in a separate frame and then combining these two shots later into a diptych. The full […]

22 Feb

It seems a bit wrong to be posting snowy photos on my blog when Vancouver is showing those lovely spring heralds the cherry blossom and crocus, but it’s still snowy somewhere…. I keep meaning to link to a new photography blog Pierre told me about called Muse-ings. I really love a lot of the work […]

18 Feb

Bottle collection

On Friday afternoon I went to see an art installation at Centre A by artist Germaine Koh. The show, called Overflow, was a site specific display of hundreds of glass bottles deemed as unusable and reclaimed from local recycling depot, United We Can. I was glad to have made it to the show before it […]

12 Feb

Reaching up and away

I have trees on the brain lately. They have dominated my photographic subject matter since before Christmas when I first ventured out into the cold night air with a friend and my holga. I’m less interested now in shooting at night and long exposures, but trees continue to hold my fascination. I’m trying to develop […]

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