January 26th, 2007


I had a fabulous time yesterday evening at the opening night of “Big Love”, a play written by Charles Mee and directed by my friend Joanna Garfinkel. It was a very enjoyable performance to watch, and kept me fully engaged the whole time. The cast is delightful and well cast in their roles, and the staging is fun and makes good use of the space.

I felt the woman characters were more fully realized than the males, (which I’m okay with) but maybe that’s just because I could identify the three brides as different aspects of my personality. I really loved this play and hope it does well during the run. It was a sold out performance yesterday evening.

Big Love
January 24 – February 3, 2007
TELUS Studio Theatre
All shows start at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: adult $20, student $12, senior: $14

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3 Responses to “Little love”

neil Says:

That’s great news. I would like to have seen it.

Rachael Says:

It’s too bad there isn’t someway you could see it.

Christina Says:

There’s times when teleportation would really be useful technology, hey Neil?

I’ve booked tickets for the closing night and can’t wait!