22 Nov

A little birdy


I forgot about posting this photo to my blog. I was contacted a few months ago through Flickr regarding the use a photo of Yuuki for a cell phone ad compaign. I was a little surprised they wanted this because it’s not really a great shot and the image quality is poor, but apparently it was perfect for their campaign. I gave the go-ahead, and the above image is the final version of the ad.

The new found fame hasn’t completely gone to Yuuki’s head, though he is saying he will charge for autographs…


  1. what sort of “medium” does he use to sign?

    Did you, I mean Yuuki, get compensated for it? This is totally awesome

  2. I have been compensated for this.

    I imagine Yuuki would work in a well aimed poop as part of the autograph signing.

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