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Tiny floating jellies
From Free Will Astrology
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): I hope that one day you will learn how to give all the extraordinary love you have to offer. Another one of my greatest desires for you is that you will cultivate, earn, and seize all the freedom you need in order to become yourself completely. To my great pleasure, you’ve recently begun to tune in to the possibility that these two goals might be extremely fun for you. During the coming weeks their hold on your imagination should heat up considerably. In 2007, I hope they’ll become your modus operandi, your Weltanschauung, and your raison d’être.

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November 27th, 2006 | 2 Comments »

Let the sun shine

Before deciding upon a photo to post on my blog, I did a quick search through my flickr photo stream for anything tagged with snow. I was amazed to discover that I only have ONE photo of snow in my whole archive on Flickr. Apparently, after moving away from Toronto I lost all interest in pictures of the white stuff. I’ll try to remedy this over the next few days while Vancouver is blanketed in an endless sea of white/brown/black snow.

This morning I left my house and walked out into a magical wintery landscape covered in clean white snow. There was hardly a soul around, unusual even for the ungodly hour I make my way to work, and it made for a surprisingly quiet walk to catch the bus. The air was cold and crisp, and every snow covered inch of my street glowed and sparkled under the mixed light of street lamps and the slow breaking light of dawn.

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A little night music

This morning I feel as if I could use a little extra sleep, even though I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. Sometimes I think I feel more tired after going to bed early, than I do when I don’t get enough sleep. As long as I don’t yawn too much during my mid-day meeting, I think I should be okay.

I was looking through my flickr archive from a year ago and found the above photo. It was taken on a night outing with Vandigicammers at Jericho Beach.

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