November 2006

29 Nov

Your imagination should heat up considerably

From Free Will Astrology LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): I hope that one day you will learn how to give all the extraordinary love you have to offer. Another one of my greatest desires for you is that you will cultivate, earn, and seize all the freedom you need in order to become yourself completely. To […]

27 Nov

Before deciding upon a photo to post on my blog, I did a quick search through my flickr photo stream for anything tagged with snow. I was amazed to discover that I only have ONE photo of snow in my whole archive on Flickr. Apparently, after moving away from Toronto I lost all interest in […]

24 Nov

A little night music

This morning I feel as if I could use a little extra sleep, even though I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. Sometimes I think I feel more tired after going to bed early, than I do when I don’t get enough sleep. As long as I don’t yawn too much during […]

22 Nov


A few weeks ago I mentioned an article in Ascent Magazine on Finding Contentment in Everyday Life. It has now been partially published online, and I thought I would quote the first paragraph here. I love Eileen Delehanty Pearkes description of water as a metaphor of contentment. I often dream of water. Water breaking up […]

22 Nov

A little birdy

I forgot about posting this photo to my blog. I was contacted a few months ago through Flickr regarding the use a photo of Yuuki for a cell phone ad compaign. I was a little surprised they wanted this because it’s not really a great shot and the image quality is poor, but apparently it […]

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