October 26th, 2006

Butterfly rain

On Tuesday afternoon, sometime between my arrival home after work and departure a few hours later for a movie, the weather took a decisive turn into autumn. There was rain, gale-force winds and the kind of penetrating damp that seems to cut through every layer of clothing straight to the bones. Today I am wishing that it rained butterflies, as illustrated in the above photo taken of Toronto graffiti. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

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3 Responses to “Butterfly rain”

neil Says:

It would be pretty! I wish it would rain butterflys.

Christina Says:

That would be super pretty. And then they could fly up and rain down all over again. You wouldn’t really need umbrellas, though.

Rachael Says:

The umbrellas would come in handy as a place for the butterflies to land, and then people could walk around with them. I like the thought of it.