October 2006

31 Oct

Autumn red above my head

Two things I have enjoyed very much lately, and think everyone else should check out: 1) Watching every episode of the wonderful shortlived series Firefly. Bloody hell it was a good show! 2) Eating a delicious Japanese-style hotdog from the “Japadog” vendor at Burrard and Haro Street. It comes loaded with things like terriyaki sauce, […]

29 Oct

Woodland elf

This weekend I was away on the second annual Travis Smith birthday sleep-over extravaganza on Vancouver Island. As I reminisced about last year’s event I was reminded of this photo, featuring Noriko as a woodland elf with giant leaf. It was the first time I met her and Jason, and they have since relocated to […]

26 Oct

Butterfly rain

On Tuesday afternoon, sometime between my arrival home after work and departure a few hours later for a movie, the weather took a decisive turn into autumn. There was rain, gale-force winds and the kind of penetrating damp that seems to cut through every layer of clothing straight to the bones. Today I am wishing […]

25 Oct

Tamed orchid

From Free Will Astrology – LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Most flowers depend on pollinators to reproduce. Birds and insects brush up against a flower’s male parts, picking up pollen that they leave on the female parts of the next flower they visit. But nature has created an anomaly that doesn’t play by these rules. A […]

22 Oct

Dear internet: Due to a staggering amount of emotional events over the past few weeks, I’ve decided to take a little break from my internet obligations for awhile. I think I may be back in a few days, so until then please enjoy this photo from sunnier times.

© Rachael Ashe